महर्षि पाणिनि संस्कृत एवं वैदिक विश्वविद्यालय

Maharshi Panini Sanskrit Evam Vedic Vishwavidyalaya

Formerly Maharshi Panini Sanskrit Vishwavidyalaya, A Public State University under Madhya Pradesh Act No. XV of 2008
Dewas Road, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh (India) – 456010

Vision Mission & Core Values


भारतीयज्ञानपरम्परायाः निरन्तरप्रवाहाय नवाचाराः

To integrate the timeless wisdom of ancient Indian knowledge with modern innovation and progress across diverse disciplines. 


प्राच्यसंस्कृतज्ञानविज्ञानपरम्परां प्रसारयितुं नवाचारैः सह परम्परागतशिक्षणपद्धतिम् अनुसृत्य शिक्षणं शोधकार्यं च कर्तुं दीपशिखारूपेण स्वस्य प्रतिष्ठापनम्।

>> To serve as a beacon of Sanskrit heritage, thereby fostering a dynamic learning environment where tradition meets innovation.

>> Through rigorous scholarship, research excellence and community engagement we aim to be a catalyst for personal growth, cultural enrichment and societal information hence ensuring the enduring relevance of Sanskrit wisdom in the contemporary world.

Core Values


   Commitment to high academic standards, rigorous research, and continuous improvement in teaching and learning.


   Upholding honesty, ethical behaviour, and accountability in all aspects of academic and administrative activities.

Diversity and Inclusion:

   Fostering a diverse community of students, faculty, and staff.


   Encouraging creativity, curiosity, and entrepreneurship in education, research, and community engagement


   Emphasizing teamwork, interdisciplinary cooperation, and partnerships within the university and with external stakeholders to advance knowledge and solve global problems.

Service and Social Responsibility:

   Engaging in meaningful service to the community, promoting civic engagement, and addressing societal needs through education, research, and outreach.

Freedom of Inquiry and Expression:

   Safeguarding academic freedom, intellectual curiosity, and open exchange of ideas as fundamental principles of scholarly pursuit and democratic society.

Global Citizenship:

   Cultivating global awareness, cultural competence, and a sense of responsibility towards addressing global issues and promoting peace and justice worldwide.


   Prioritizing the holistic development, well-being, and success of students through personalized support, mentorship, and opportunities for growth and leadership.


   Committing to environmental stewardship, sustainable practices, and responsible resource management in campus operations and educational initiatives.

   These core values often serve as a compass guiding the university's decisions, actions, and priorities, shaping its identity and contributing to its impact on society.